World News Tonight, Trib Launch Blogs

As blogs across the city continue to proliferate, two notable additions this week:

The Washington bureau of the Chicago Tribune has launched “The Swamp,” featuring tidbits and analysis from the newly merged staffers in the Superbureau.

“The Swamp is at the very least a triple entendre. The nation’s capital was created partly on what was a swamp. Some congressional press availabilities occur at a location on the Capitol grounds known as the Senate Swamp and Washington can often seem a morass of partisan politics, political intrigue and complex legislation and policy. Our goal is to cut a path for our readers through the Swamp,” the bureau explains.

Over at ABC News, “The World Newser” (No word on whether our cousin, TVNewser, plans a copyright infringement lawsuit.), promises a “behind-the-scenes” look at Elizabeth Vargas and Bob Woodruff‘s new show. In today’s entry, Terry Moran and David Chalian offer some perspective on the Jack Abramoff scandal. Chalian, the deputy political director, writes, “In the wake of Jack Abramoff’s plea deal, it’s important to remember that lobbying lawmakers is not in and of itself a crime.” No, just buying lawmakers.

Moran, meanwhile, offers a bit more honesty than most Frank Capra fans would like to hear: “When the federal government can influence what happens in your business or your backyard or your bedroom — you are quite properly going to want to influence it right back. That’s not corruption; that’s self-government. And while it would be swell if that dialogue happened in a pristine, college-seminar-style setting–or maybe a private club–free of the grubbiness of real-world interests, it doesn’t. This, after all, is America. And we grub.”