Workhouse Shows Support for Occupy Wall Street with Pro-Bono Work

A snapshot from Nelson's Occupy Wall Street album.

PR firm Workhouse is showing their support for Occupy Wall Street with their emails and Facebook photo album filled with pictures from the protest. However, Workhouse CEO Adam Nelson was clear when he spoke with us on the phone: the firm is not providing services directly to the protesters.

Rather, it’s something that Nelson says is a “noble cause” that wasn’t getting very much media attention when their first email went out last Wednesday. The latest email, received today with the subject line “OCCUPY WALL STREET: Solidarity Kit” once again includes a link to the Facebook page of snapshots from the protest and the line, “The revolution has been editorialized.”

“The messaging on the ground is fascinating,” Nelson told us. Whether through the election or by other means, “these are issues that we will be confronting one way or the other,” he said.