Work-Life Balance In PR

All of us—not just flacks—have probably felt at one time or another that we were spending too much time working outside of work hours. But one blogger at Babble, Katie Allison Granju, says she’s struggling more since taking a new job in April.

“My brother told me recently when we were visiting his family for the weekend that I have become downright rude of late with regard to continually checking the Blackberry when I’m supposed to be relaxing with the family.”

But, on the other hand, she says, “I definitely think it’s good for my kids to see that I am a wage earner, and that I am eager to do a good job at work that I really enjoy. So I don’t think my work should ever be completely segregated from my family life.”

The commenting moms took her to task for this: “Your husband and kids need YOU, not just the money you make. Find a way to earn less and spend less,” said one. “I think we all overestimate how ‘important’ those incoming emails and texts are. Maybe it’s time for a discussion with the boss about being available and what’s expected/needed during your ‘off’ hours. There should be an alternative to your checking constantly, like phone calls if it’s an ’emergency’ instead of you feeling like you have to constantly check for new messages,” said a second.”

Just goes to show there’s no such thing as work-life balance, just work-life choice. You can choose to be on call 24-7 and show your company that you’re willing to go the extra mile, or you can draw firm limits and say “I will not work on Saturdays because I have a kid’s baseball game to go to/a date with my S.O./a desire to sit around watching Battlestar Galactica.” Neither of these are “wrong” but you can’t have it all, either…