With Almost 7 Million Tweets (Sending 23,000 Every Day), Here’s Twitter’s Biggest-Ever Tweeter

Back in May of this year I took a look at Twitter’s top 10 biggest tweeters, tracking the accounts that had published the most messages to Twitter since the network first opened its doors five years ago.

The winner, with over two million tweets, was @InternetRadio, which sends out links to songs from online radio stations around the world. Since my update, @InternetRadio has pumped out another 600,000 tweets but, amazingly, that’s now only good enough for second place.

That’s right – we have a new all-time leader. It’s an official Twitter profile, and over eight frenzied months it sent out a heady 23,000 tweets per day, adding up to almost 7 million in total.

And then, just like that, it stopped.

The most prolific tweeting profile in the history of Twitter was @TwitterSuggests, which Twitter started in January of 2011 as an experimental feature (which I wrote about here).

@TwitterSuggests tried to help users find interesting new accounts to follow. It did this by tweeting out who to follow suggestions that are personalized to the user, appearing in their @mentions folder.

Evidently that experiment didn’t work out, as the account abruptly stopped updating on September 30, 2011. Amazingly, by this time it had accumulated over 100,000 followers, who must have been seeing nothing else but follower recommendations in their feed.

(I mean, seriously: why would you opt into that?)

At its previous pace, @TwitterSuggests was on track to reach 10 million published tweets by April, 2012.

And you thought you tweeted a lot.