With a Focus on Monetizing Mobile Apps, Tapjoy Leaves Its Scamville Past Behind

It’s hard to forget the shouting match that put an end to Offerpal’s heady days more than a year ago. The company, now known as Tapjoy, had become the prime target of Michael Arrington’s Scamville campaign for serving offers in Facebook games that signed up unwitting users for recurring charges.

At an industry summit, founder Anu Shukla ripped into Arrington’s accusations, calling them “Shit, double shit and bull shit,” in a now infamous exchange. Less than a week later, she was out. Soon after, the wild, early days of rampant growth on Facebook’s platform came to end, making way for a tougher, more expensive era in social gaming.

But one more CEO, a name change and a year later, Tapjoy has turned the corner by diversifying onto mobile platforms and keeping its offers clean with brands like Gap and Netflix.

It’s on track to have its highest total revenues ever on all platforms this quarter, says the company’s CEO Mihir Shah, who joined the company after Shukla stepped down. That’s on iOS, Android and Facebook. We’re also hearing from several sources that the company is close to announcing a third round of financing.

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