Wishful Thought: The End of the Job Review

It’s often the worst day of the year. You go into a small office or cubicle, sit down with an HR representative or editor, and justify your existence all in the hopes for a raise.
The job review: what an awful process. But could it be a thing of the past? According to one UCLA Business professor, they should be. Samuel Culbert, the author of Get Rid of the Performance Review!, says the practice of pretending to examine your year’s worth to the company has little point in business anymore, and thinks they should be scratched.

“They’re [the employee] is going to talk about all their successes – it becomes total baloney,” said Culbert to NPR in a recent interview. “The boss already has heard [from] his boss what they want to pay the guy, or the woman. So they come up with a review that’s all backwards.”

And that’s not all. Culbert calls the reviews an HR power play. “In part it’s because HR professionals exploit the performance review to provide them a power base they don’t deserve,” said Culbert and co-author Lawrence Rout in their new book.

Preach on, prof! Get rid of the uncomfortable pleading and just let me know what to do differently. It’s really not that hard, HR.