Wired Steals Roth From Portfolio

With a side order of Condé Nast Kremlinology…

Buried inside a Keith Kelly piece for the Post on a Si Newhouse party for Condé highers ups was the news that Wired editor Chris Anderson has poached Portfolio wunderkind Daniel Roth for his own mag.

Apparently, details were finalized at the (garlic-less) party.

As for all you Cond&eacute Nast Kremlinologists out there… all ten of you: Here are the goods.

  • Portfolio EIC Joanne Lipman sat next to Si.
  • Graydon Carter shared the same table as Joanne and Si.
  • Chris Anderson, Anna Wintour and Architectural Digest publisher Giulio Capua sat at the table next to Si, Joanne and Graydon.
  • Portfolio president/publisher David Carey sat at an oddly upper-caliber exec-lacking table.
  • Condé CEO Chuck Townsend sat at the same table with Glamour publisher Bill Wackermann. Kelly speculates this means Glamour is now CN’s top money-making magazine.