Windows Phone Update Coming “Later This Year”? Really? How About ASAP? Here’s What Needs Fixing

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 launched in October (Europe) and November (U.S.) of last year. The has not been a single platform update pushed out to any of the phone models since then. While, in my opinion, Windows Phone 7 is quite good (I’m using an HTC HD7), it does not a lot of minor tweaks (fixes) and a few major feature additions. All Things Digital’s Ina Fried reported from MWC (Mobile World Congress) that Microsoft announced:

Microsoft to Add Multitasking, Internet Explorer 9 to Windows Phone Later this Year

But, what a minute. What is this about later this year? There are a number of issues that should have been fixed weeks if not months ago: Windows Marketplace sometimes get “stuck” requiring restarting the phone. Windows Phone on rare ocassions cannot transition out of sleep mode. WiFi does not work with some access points (or, perhaps, certain AP configurations). It takes a long time for Windows Phone’s WiFi to acquire an AP. Only OneNote Mobile works with SkyDrive. Photos can be uploaded to SkyDrive but videos cannot. The list goes on. Later this year doesn’t cut it. Microsoft needs to push out fixes to Windows Phone devices ASAP.