Windows Phone “Mango” Integration with SkyDrive Could be a Productivity Game Changer

SkyDrive lets you store up to 25GB of data for free in Microsoft’s cloud. Its integration with Windows Phone 7 can be charitabily described as spotty. For example, photos can be uploaded directly to SkyDrive but video cannot. On the other hand, Windows Phone 7 has been able to automatically upload new Windows Phone photos to SkyDrive if that option is turned on. This is something that iOS 5 will deliver to iPhone users later this year. On the Office Mobile side, only OneNote is able to sync files with SkyDrive in Windows Phone 7. Word, Excel and PowerPoint files do not have this capability.

This all changes with the Windows Phone “Mango” update due out sometime this fall. Video uploads to SkyDrive can be enabled as background tasks. And, once on SkyDrive, these video files can be shared. Photos store in SkyDrive will be shareable via email, texting, Live Messenger or Facebook (but not Twitter, apparently).

Microsoft’s description of how SkyDrive integrates with Windows Phone “Mango” does not explicitly say that Office Mobile’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint can directly sync with SkyDrive. However, Microsoft’s Mike Torres did write that This pivot view will show you the complete list of documents shared with you, letting you open and edit in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

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Google Docs on mobile devices, including Android, provides terrible editing capabilties. Spreadsheets, for example, can only be modified a cell at a time within a row. If Microsoft’s Office Mobile integration with SkyDrive works well, Windows Phone will have a big advantage over other mobile platforms in the document modification and creation area.