Windows Phone 7 Developers Get Copy & Paste

We are waiting for an update for Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft that is expected to add copy and paste. Frankly, I think we have all expected that the update would be been provided by now, but so far that has not happened, showing signs that Microsoft really hasn’t learned that it needs to be faster to be successful in the smartphone market.

In a possible sign that we might actually see the update soon, Microsoft is now providing an update to the Windows Phone 7 developer tools, which includes copy and paste. Developers will need this update in order to add copy and paste to their applications. The changes also include performance improvements that will make some applications start up faster.

Microsoft has a history of making announcements at Mobile World Congress, so I would be shocked if they did not at least announce when the update will be released at that time, if not actually provide the update. The conference is scheduled for February 14-17, so we don’t have too much longer to wait.