Windows Mobile Phones Become Radio Tuners

WunderRadio screen 1 2_18_09.jpg
Folks with Windows Mobile phones can now listen to their favorite Internet radio station wherever they are, thanks to a new application from Weather Underground.

WunderRadio gives users access to more than 36,000 live Internet radio streams through a directory from RadioTime. Users can search the directory by location, genre, specific programs, on-air personalities, station names or call letters.

The downloadable app also includes a home-screen plug-in that lets users see info on the song or program that’s currently playing and choose a pre-set to listen to without having to open the application. It’s also built to allow calls to come through and play in the background while other apps are in use.

It’s kind of pricey, though. The 30-day introductory price is $9.99; after that it’s a steep $14.99. The iPhone version, which has been around since September, is only $5.99.