Windows Mobile 6.5 User Interface Whackiness or the Danger of Using Unofficial Builds?

Long Zheng, in the popular istartedsomething blog, based on a community baked version of Windows Mobile 6.5 downloaded from xda-developers complains that…

Windows Mobile 6.5 is half a step in the right direction

…because the in-status call screen that appears when the phone is locked looks better than the one that appears when the phone is unlocked. Far be it from me to deny someone else from grumpily complaning about Windows Mobile (I don’t claim a lock on that market :-). But, come on… It is an unofficial baked ROM from parts unknown. And, anyone who has used multiple Windows Mobile phones (as I’m sure Long Zheng has) has noticed big differences on various phones. Hardware manufacturers and carriers (usually both) make changes to the UI before releasing it to their customers. It wouldn’t surprise me if the different screens come vendor modifications post-build.

On the other hand, he could be right: Microsoft’s left and right mobile developer hands didn’t communicate 🙂