Windows 7 Resource Kit eBook App Available for iPhone But Not Windows Mobile – Irony at its Best

Windows 7 has been, as far as I can tell, a big hit for Microsoft. It has gotten good comments from reviewers and bloggers (including me) and seems to be far better received than Windows Vista. It is not a surprise, then, that Microsoft Press teamed up with O’Reilly Media to publish a Windows 7 Resource Kit book. However, I was a bit surprised to see it appear as a $5.99 iPhone book-in-an-app…

Windows 7 Resource Kit

Although I’m not a fan of the book-in-an-app iPhone app genre, if you want this reference book, this might be the best deal available. I couldn’t find a Kindle ebook edition of it on Amazon. And, the paperback edition lists for $69.99 (ouch!) – available for $44.09 on Amazon. So, $5.99 is a great deal if the iPhone app is an unabridged edition. I’ll check with O’Reilly Media to see if it is indeed an unabridged version. If so, I may actually spend $5.99 for an iPhone app genre I sincerely dislike.

FYI: I checked the Microsoft’s Marketplace for Windows Mobile and couldn’t find this reference book available for Windows Mobile smartphones – ironic.