Will You Drop 10 of Your Facebook Friends for a Burger King Whopper?

whoppersacrificeApparently, despite being a ridiculous idea, many Facebook users have already done so – that is unfriend their Facebook friends to get Burger King coupon that will entitle them to a free Whopper. Sounds yummy right? To the more than 16,000 Facebook users, the temptation of the Burger King Whopper was too strong to resists and so they’ve dropped 10 of their friends. A clever advertising strategy right?

I have to admit that it was indeed a clever and funny way of hitting on the most widely used social networking sites to promote a product. That probably beats all the social media marketing strategies that you can possible think of.

The Whopper Sacrifice is a Facebook application that would require you to dropped off your 10 of your friends from your Facebook contacts. If you’d think that its all there is to this application, wait till your status updates displays the following – “Arnold sacrificed Andrew G.R. for a free Whopper.” This cracked me up a good laugh when I read about it here.

The promotional blitz is available for the U.S. Facebook members though. And one Facebook user is allotted one coupon only. The promotion is still open although at the rate that Facebook users are dropping off their friends on their list, it might be gone sooner than you think.

So, will you sacrifice your friend for a free Whopper at Burger King? If yes, then dropped them off your Facebook contacts now.

I really think that McDonald’s should follow this promotional blitz and reward Twitter users for dropping off 20 of their Twitter contacts with a Big Mac. That would be fun!