Will News Corp. Digital National Newspaper Be Named Daily Planet?

DailyPlanet.jpgIf you’re a hard-charging editor-in-chief like Perry White, an ace reporter like Lois Lane, an up-and-coming photographer like Jimmy Olsen, or even a superhero disguised as a bumbling reporter like Superman/Clark Kent, News Corp. might have a job for you.

Silicon Alley Insider discovered the following nugget in a blog post from The Wall Street Journal about Apple’s announcement of 99-cent rentals of TV shows from Fox and ABC via its iTunes Store:

According to the people familiar with the matter, part of the calculus for Fox is that News Corp. wants Apple’s help with other digital projects, including the iPad version of The Wall Street Journal and a digital news offering known inside News Corp. as the “Daily Planet,” the name of the fictional paper in Superman comics.

OK, so the official name of the national digital newspaper may not be Daily Planet, but we at WebNewser still thought we’d have a little fun with it.