Will Bruder Beaming Over Wright Exhibit at His Nevada Museum of Art


Possibly just of interest to us, but we enjoyed Scott Sonner‘s story about Will Bruder beaming about the traveling “Frank Lloyd Wright and the House Beautiful” exhibit coming to the Nevada Museum of Art, a museum he designed after being an uber-Wright fan all his life. He even claims that when he was commissioned to build the host museum in Reno years ago, he designed it to work with a lot of Wright-esque principles, namely working to blend everything inside and outside the museum into one seamless entity. So it makes sense that the architect would be pretty pleased with having a collection of Wright materials around. Personally, we enjoyed it a lot because, years ago, back in Phoenix, we used to spend an inordinate amount of time in another of Bruder’s buildings, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, which is a rare thing of beauty in a city that seems to hate interesting architecture. Where the connection to Wright is in that building, we really have no idea (nor do we see it really in the aforementioned Nevada museum), but we’ll leave it alone and give the guy his days of pride.