Will BP’s Brand Ever Recover After Gulf Coast Spill?

nasa - oil spill.jpg

One can’t help but be at least somewhat amused by the contradictory statements following any major crisis, the latest of which being the massive Gulf Coast oil spill at the hands of British Petroleum (BP).

In The Daily Beast, crisis communications expert Eric Dezenhall states in a piece titled, “BP’s Image Will Recover, “…over the long haul, good companies like BP do recover once they find the right balance between good business sense, fundamental decency, and the merits-and pitfalls-of public relations.”

Not so fast, says Rob Anderson, Managing Director at Fenton Communications, the agency that handled Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and many other environmental campaigns over the years.

“It will be impossible for BP to recover from its missteps in the days following this crisis when they mislead the public about the severity of the spill. It has been 10 years since BP rebranded themseves into Beyond Petroleum. It was a promise way ahead of reality and consumers will hold them to a higher standard,” Anderson told PRNewser this morning.

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[image via Nasa Earth Observatory]