Will Anyone Catch Kurt Andersen In An Error?


Elder brother to the New York Chattering Classes and National Magazine Award nominee in the Columns and Commentary category, Kurt Andersen has a standing challenge on his blog — and, yes, he has one — daring anyone to catch him in an error in his sweeping magnum opus, Heyday. It’s been over three months and no one has laid claim to the bragging rights. There are still a few days to lay claim to having caught the blameless Mr. Andersen in an error — ! — and, in the process to claim some literary booty in the process. From Kurt Andersen’s December 30th post, right before he began his book tour:

”Now, a confession and an offer. There were two tiny factual errors in the hardcover which I’ve corrected in the paperback. To the first person who tells me what they were (at emailandersen@aol.com) — or, failing that, to whomever finds either one of them by April 1, 2008 — I’ll send a personally inscribed copy of the book plus the unabridged, 22-CD BBC Audiobooks America edition.”

We here at FishbowlNY know how you, dear readers, love to correct our errors, sometimes with, uh, aggressive relish. So we’re turning you on Kurt. You have three days left.

(image via Elinor Carucci/NYTimes)