Will a Phoenix Lapidus Rise from The Ashes?

Will a Phoenix Lapidus Rise from The Ashes?

2005_04_smallodd.gifOver on Curbed they’re reporting that “some… Lapidus Lovers are now arguing that the destructive owner should be forced to rebuild the structure“. Sounds like a bit of a pipe dream to me, and to Curbed as well, where Lock notes that “destruction is 90% of the law.”

I was walking South along Union Square West on Saturday evening, which gave me a head-on view of the half-dismantled building. All the distinctive features have been demo’d. The ugly brick wall that runs along University is still completely intact. As my friend Daniel mentioned when were discussing the teardown, a big part of the issue (to me and many others at least) is that aside from tearing down something of some historical significance, it’s highly likely that what’s built in it’s place will be ugly, lack character, etc and so on. Miss Representation concurs:

It’s a shame about the Paterson Silks building. But the more acute failing is the quality of building that is replacing it. That is why the current logic of preservation is flawed — once the battle for saving has been ended there is no recourse to mandate quality going forward. I’m okay with progress, if it has value, and here there is none.

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