Wildflower Wishes Story App Based On One Scene In Novel

Instead of releasing the fully adapted version of her new novel Coming Up For Air, author Patti Callahan Henry took her favorite detail from the book and turned it into an app.

In the story, the main character Ellie is dealing with her mother’s death and recalls her childhood nickname “wildflower,” so the Wildflower Wishes app lets users send virtual flowers with custom messages to their friends.

Here is more about the story from iTunes: “In a memory from her childhood, Ellie overhears her mother call her a ‘wildflower’, so she scatters wildflower seeds throughout her mother’s cultured garden, believing her mother must love the beauty and wild nature of these flowers. But when the wildflowers finally bloom, Ellie’s mother pulls them from the earth, telling her that they don’t belong. This destroys Ellie’s childlike heart. But as the adult Ellie discovers secrets from her mother’s own wild past and as love grows between Ellie and a man who cherishes her wild nature, we watch Ellie reclaim the spirit of a ‘wildflower’.”

An app design company named Chronicle created the app.