Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Launches the Green Wiki

Environmental problems, issues and solutions will always be a hot topic in both the online and offline world. There’s probably thousands or more websites catering to green computing, green marketing and everything else that you can probably attached with environmental or green contents. But despite the dearth of “green” information resources – blogs, social networks, video contents etc, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales did not mind it and launches a green version of his open-source encyclopedia and calls it Wikia Green.

Make no mistake though, Wikia Green is not your ordinary usual “green site”. For one, it was built in the Wikipedia platform and as such, community editing and content creation are the major ingredients of the green encyclopedia.

When asked why he still came up with the idea despite the proliferation of green-related blogs and website on the web. Jimmy Wales has this to say:

What we’re doing is actually complementary to blogs in the sense that what blogs do is update you on a day-to-day basis. Also, blogs are engaged in political or other types of analysis, whereas a wiki becomes a touchpoint for the community, a place where people meet up and work on whatever the consensus is about a certain topic.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what Wikia Green has to offfer.

Wikia Green currently boasts of 600 articles, all discussing the many green issues confronting the environmental advocacy are facing right now. The articles are categorized into sustainable living, environmental issues, science and technology which covers green computing, how to’s and green movement.

Contents were submitted and edited by the community members, very much like the Wikipedia interface/platform. There are featured articles as well as wanted ones. You can also easily see the latest updates on the contents done by the community editors.

Generally, Wikia Green has the potential of hitting it big in terms of achieving its goals and mission. It doesn’t really matter if the “green information market” is already saturated. Having Wikipedia on its back will certainly help the Wiki site achieve userbase and popularity that it needs.

Students would definitely be glad to find out about Wikia Green. If there’s one sector of the society who benefit from this Wiki site the most, it’s the students who have been using Wiki entries to do their homeworks, assignments and research works in school.