Why TWT‘s Aggregate Site Surpasses TWT

A tipster sent us a link to TWT‘s newish aggregate-blog site Times247.com. The tipster called the site “shitty,” but it’s actually 100 times better than TWT’s original website WashingtonTimes.com.

Times 247 is more visual, with bigger pictures, more color and a larger font. It plays up the aggregated stories from outlets such as the Washington Examiner, Reuters and AP, but original stories from TWT are displayed down the left column and the papers’ columnists on the right.

Nothing is perfect, but all in all, a pleasant enough online experience compared to say, WaPo (perpetually slow), HuffPost (an onslaught in Italian, French and soon to be Swahili) and New Yorker magazine’s new politics blog (produced with IMAX technology).

By contrast, WashingtonTimes.com is outdated, text heavy and stupid looking. We appreciate our tipster but what was he thinking? Does he have eyes?