Why You Can’t Ignore Your Twitter Background

With the New Twitter update in September 2010, a lot of people felt that profiles had become nearly obsolete. If you click on a username, you will see a nice summary of that user, his or her most recent tweets, bio, follower and following count, and more – basically everything you’d see on the profile page. However, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t drilling down visiting your profile, to see your entire timeline, lists, or the connections the two of you share. So, if you want to brand yourself on Twitter at all, you can’t afford to ignore your profile’s background. Here’s why.

Your Twitter background is free advertising space

Although the size of the Twitter background shrank with the New Twitter update and the expanded right-hand panel, that doesn’t mean that it’s any less valuable. There are still over a hundred pixels on either side (depending on screen resolution) that are waiting for you to stamp your brand on.

Think of how many hundreds of people click over to your profile out of curiosity every month. They clearly want to know more about you. And what better way to let them know about you than by advertising your blog, your LinkedIn profile or your business services on your Twitter background?

Your Twitter background leaves an immediate impression

If your Twitter background is one of the default options that Twitter gives to new users, you’re sending a message to your followers that you don’t have the time or energy to update it. Those followers who click over to your Twitter profile will see that you haven’t put any effort into consistent branding, and they will be less likely to visit your website or engage with you on Twitter.

You don’t have to go crazy here, but a simple, consistent branding effort will pay off in the long-run. By updating your Twitter background to reflect your online brand, you’ll not only convert some of your Twitter followers to your website, but you’ll also show them that you are willing to put in the effort to look good online.

Your Twitter background reflects you

Lastly, you can’t simply ignore your Twitter background, because it will reflect poorly on you and your brand. Just like when brands stake a claim on a Twitter name but don’t tweet from it, you’ll appear lazy and unappealing if you don’t have a great Twitter background.

If social media and Twitter in particular are important to your personal or business brand, you must put some effort into your Twitter background. It doesn’t take much time, and even novices can crack open Photoshop and whip up a simple, custom background that is branded in the colors and style of your website or other online presence.

We’ve got resources for you if you’re interested in redesigning your Twitter background for the New Twitter, or if you’re curious about what your current Twitter background says about you. Good luck!