Why Washington Gossip STILL Sucks

Last week, we brought you a very important news story that Howiella (a.k.a. The Hill’s ITK Columnist Judy Kurtz) broke via Twitter. She attended a book party for MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan where she was tipped off by The Examiner’s Yeas and Nays lead writer Nikki Schwab that Ratigan was – GASP – not wearing socks. The fashion faux-pas occurred at a party celebrating “Greedy Bastards“, the new book from Ratigan. While this story was already a stretch to put on Twitter, Schwab decided that it needed “legs” and wrote a full piece on it. THANK GOD. After seeing the picture on Twitter, I thrust my head forward into my hands in a moment of panic and despair wondering why no one had written a lengthy examination of why Ratigan wasn’t wearing socks! Schwab informs us that Ratigan’s sockless look was “unintentional.” He explains that he simply lost them “in a hotel room somewhere.” Stay tuned for Nikki’s next big scoop, “The secret to Dylan Ratigan’s Cuticle Conditioning.”