Why the SwissGear TSA-friendly SmartScan Backpack Didn't Make the Short List During my Recent Air Trips

Remember that SwissGear TSA-friendly backpack I mentioned before traveling the other week?

SwissGear SA1908 ScanSmart Backpack: Gigantic, Affordable, TSA-Friendly

At the last minute, I decided not to take it on either of my trips to Seattle and San Francisco. Here’s why: These short 3-day trips meant I didn’t need to pack a lot of stuff requiring a checked-in bag (and more fees). In a 3-bag traveling situation, the backpack would go into the overhead bin and worked out fine. However, in a 2-bag traveling situation, the backpack would somehow have to be forced to fit in the tiny space under an aisle seat. I couldn’t imagine how it would fit there and decided to take a smaller shoulder bag to carry my iPad and other gadgets. This turned out to be a good call after visually examining the under seat space on both Alaska Airlines and United Airlines planes.

And, oh yes, there’s one more thing. The TSA doesn’t require taking an iPad out of its bag. So, it wouldn’t have provided a TSA test case on either trip. Maybe next time.