Why Recruiters Love LinkedIn And Why You Should Be There

linkedin-logo.jpgWhich job site yields the most qualified resumes for your money?

A recruiter with over 20 years of experience placed similar ads on CareerBuilder and LinkedIn. He got between 30 and 60 resumes in response to each ad; many more people responded to the CareerBuilder ads than the LinkedIn ones. Jobs posted on CareerBuilder received, on average, 14 percent more responses than jobs posted on LinkedIn.

But when you throw out the grossly unqualified candidates—the ones who didn’t even read the description where it called for a specific degree or minimum years of experience—LinkedIn trumped Careerbuilder.

The average number of qualified resumes a CareerBuilder posting received was three, or 6.18 percent. On LinkedIn the recruiter received 11 qualified resumes per posting, or 30.5 percent of responses. This lowers the cost-per-good-resume to $18 from CareerBuilder’s $175.

Granted, this was not a scientific study. The recruiter in question was looking to fill specific requirements in a specific industry (manufacturing), not conduct a study in a carefully-controlled environment. But if recruiters take this information to heart and begin looking for cheaper recruiting alternatives to a Big Job Board, you’ll want to make sure you’re looking where they’re posting.