Why Is Nobody Calling Deadline Hollywood Daily on Its Mistake?

goldstein_jynssynlnc.jpgDeadline Hollywood Daily adores to point out other people’s errors — both real and perceived — so it surprised us at FBLA that nobody has called DHD out on the egregious error in its post about Patrick Goldstein’s new blog, The Big Picture, at the LAT.

“I’m told that, despite heavy promotion by the paper and other media, Goldstein’s blog on Monday only received 1,102 page views, placing #35 out of 50 blogs at the LA Times.”

That’s so funny. We got an e-mail (with curiously identical wording) from an LAT staffer “telling” us the same thing. The thing is, we didn’t run with it because the information simply isn’t true.

The blog wasn’t “heavily promoted” on Monday (though we had it, thank you very much). It was moderately promoted on Tuesday — when the numbers jumped from 1,103 page views to 12,364 views. Wednesday saw the blog’s page views grow to 13,732.

True, this is nothing compared to DHD’s average daily page views of 48,449, but DHD is a few years and many, many Drudge links into its career. And newspaper blogs build audiences slowly (an inside source tells us that the paper’s most popular blogs — Top of the Ticket, Showtracker, Lakers — all sat at the bottom of the ranks for months before they slowly but surely found an audience).

In other words, Big Picture got — on its first day — 25 percent of the page views DHD now gets after two or so years in. With page views growing steadily every day.

Not too shabby.

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