Why Are You Following Me On Twitter?

Has anyone ever asked you why you’re following them on Twitter?

Have you ever asked this of yourself?

It’s an entirely reasonable question. And if you can’t respond in any kind of meaningful way, then there’s only one reasonable conclusion.

Try this. Set aside some time to browse through the list of people you are following, one at a time. In each case, ask yourself why you’re following that person or brand.

Good answers:

  • They’re interesting
  • They’re a great source of news
  • They make you laugh
  • You value their opinion
  • They’re a friend
  • You’re learning from them


  • They followed you first
  • They might unfollow you if you don’t
  • Somebody else told you to
  • Who the heck are they!?


  • I don’t know

If you can’t find a genuine reason why you’re connected to another person on Twitter, hit the unfollow button. Don’t delay. Just do it. What’s the worst thing that can happen, really? They might unfollow you back? Then that’s all the reason you need.

Make this a habit. Keep your network optimized. Trust me on this: your followers – the ones that actually matter – will thank you for it.

(Question marks image via Shutterstock.)

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