Why Buying Followers And Retweets Doesn’t Work

You may have seen the offers in your DM box or your timeline: “Buy 10,000 Twitter followers now!” and “We’ll get you 200 retweets instantly!” Offers like these pop up in the Twitterverse from time to time, and if you have a nose for it, you’ll likely notice that they’re in the too-good-to-be-true category of things.

Buying followers or retweets doesn’t work on Twitter, plain and simple. You won’t find “instant success” through black-hat methods like this – you’re actually more likely to damage your Twitter reputation and destroy a perfectly good account.

There is a small but vocal niche of companies and individuals claiming to have all the secrets to Twitter success for just $19.95. They’ll pump up your follower count into the thousands in a few short days, and ensure that you see at least 25 retweets on everything you tweet out.

And they’re preying on Twitter newbies.

It’s a fact that most people new to Twitter believe the measure of success is the number of followers they have. Ten followers is paltry; ten thousand means you’re a Twitter expert.

Scammers who try to “sell” you followers and retweets hope you believe that followers equals influence and that all retweets are created equal. But this, of course, isn’t the case.

As services like Klout show us, a better measure (but not the only one) of Twitter success is how influential you are with your followers. How often they listen to your tweets, click on your links, and, yes, retweet you.

And retweets are usually a fine way to measure how far your tweets get spread on Twitter, unless they’re being retweeted just to reach a quota. The very fact that you’re “guaranteed” to get at least a certain number of retweets dilutes their effectiveness, because the accounts retweeting you are likely bots, dummy accounts controlled by the scammers, or owned by people being paid to retweet. And in none of these circumstances is the person retweeting you remotely interested in what you have to say.

Followers works the same way. You might be able to buy 100 followers, but those accounts will be hollow. They won’t be interested in your content, your niche, or your tweets. They’ll serve to inflate your follower count, and not much else.

So, take my advice, and avoid anyone who offers to sell you followers or retweets on Twitter. You’ve got to earn them the hard way, if you really want to find success: by networking, tweeting useful content, and being an active participant on Twitter.

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