Why Brit?

Mary Matalin says that by going to Brit Hume for yesterday’s interview, the vice president’s office wanted to avoid the “grandstanding” of a press conference. “Everyone asks the same questions so they can get on their networks,” she tells Howard Kurtz.

Of course, there’s a unresolved question of whether this interview resolves anything: “Going to Brit Hume doesn’t solve Dick Cheney’s crisis problem,” said Lanny Davis, a Democratic lawyer and damage-control specialist. “It’s not because Brit Hume works for Fox, because Hume is a tough reporter. It’s because it doesn’t address the elephant-in-the-room issue, which is Dick Cheney and his refusal to be open with the press.”

But then again, Hume addressed that question in his own media criticism: “It doesn’t seem to me, from what I can tell, from what I’m reading from the public, that the public much cares about whether they found out about this on Saturday night or Sunday afternoon or Monday morning.”


> UPDATE: Fox News’ senior VP John Moody claims “Brit is sort of the pre-eminent journalist in Washington right now.” Again, really?