WhosHere is a Cool Mobile Proximity Networking Tool

One of the cool applications that we featured in our list of social networking-related iPhone apps was the mobile proximity networking tool called WhosHere. To quote our previous description of WhosHere, it is “an application that lets you post profile and indicated the age and gender of the person that you are looking for. Then wait till the application shows you iPhone users who qualify your requirements and who are nearest to you. Great for meeting new friends!” But there’s actually more to WhosHere than finding an instant date who happens to be an iPhone user as well.

Elevator pitch from myRete, the company who developed WhosHere:

Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into an instant tool to find nearby people of similar interests.

WhosHere automatically shows you people that are closest. Whether your looking for a friend, a date, a carpool buddy or a looking to do some professional networking, WhosHere will instantly show you people that share your interests and that are nearby to you.

Sounds fun right?

Still in beta mode, but already available for download, WhosHere (ver. 097.a) lets you do the following things:

  • Create your own profile
  • Find interesting people to you that matches your interest
  • See anyone that matches your profile and even display the closest first on the list
  • If you prefer to remain anonymous until you find your perfect match, you can hide your profile, but still see other matches
  • View the profiles of others
  • And eventually when you find an interesting match you can start chatting with or speed dial with other matches

WhosHere is in a continuing development process. And myRete promises to introduce more features later on. In the meantime, if you want to try out WhosHere to start meeting new people, you may download the apps into your iPhone units via the iTunes apps store. Once installed in your iPhone, take a moment to setup your profile, then start looking for your matches and who knows what might happen next, that is you might become good friends later on.

Welcome to the future of social networking people – mobile proximity networking.