Whose Tweet? Another Social Game Based on the Twitter API


Twitter has an API, followers, messaging, and social promotion. So why isn’t Twitter used as more of a social platform for games?

Well, more are coming. Mappdev has recently released a beta version of a Twitter-based game dubbed, “Whose Tweet?

The game is extraordinarily simple. When you start, you shown 20 random status messages one at a time. With each message, you are given a choice of six oWhose Tweet?f the people you follow on Twitter, and the objective is to connect the message with the proper person. Once you have completed all 20, you are presented with your score that you are able to publish to your Twitter feed.

As you can imagine, the game has limited entertainment value, and relies heavily on following enough people on Twitter to be challenging. However, Mappdev says Whose Tweet is, more or less, an “experiment in social games for Twitter.”

This particular title is actually based on a different game (built by the same people) called The Status Game on Facebook. It will be interesting to see if there are actually Twitter users interested in a game.

Considering the increase in Twitter for social and casual games (i.e. Twoof), a “yes” is possible, but it will take time to know if this spike will stick or if it is just a fad.