Who’s Live Blogging This Bad Boy?

Well, pretty much everybody, from what we can tell.

Ana Marie Cox is over at Time (with Joe Klein and Jim Poniewozik).

John Dickerson, Mickey Kaus, Bruce Reed and Jack Shafer are over at Slate.

Countless others, too (let us know who else and we’ll keep a running tally throughout the day).

But National Journal may prove to be the hardest working publication out there today (anyone got a different nominee?). A tipster reminds us that “your friendly Hotliners and NJ staffers will be at the Watergate all night plugging in results, etc.”

It might be hard to beat Hotline’s “On Call“, where Marc Ambinder & Co. will provide (according to their email)…

    — Coverage all day from the DNC/DSCC/DCCC and RNC boiler rooms

    — Original reporting and Instant analysis of the results from the Hotline’s staff and members of the National Journal political team.

    — Special dispatches from members of our Hotline Political Network

    — Forward looking coverage of the congressional leadership races

    — We’ll monitor all TV election coverage

    — Beginning tonight, hourly round-ups of the political blogosphere

    — What people are saying: every important analytical tea leaf from all the smart analysts

    — Recriminations, pre-criminations, pre-buttals, post-buttals, buttals .. we’ll have them all.

Have fun out there, everybody.