Who’s Getting the ‘Sex’ Bump?


(Bradshaw, Big, and Timmy Woods bag via WSJ)

The Sex and the City movie defied expectations and bad reviews this weekend, as fans turned out in force for the guilty pleasure-fest, creating an almost insta-classic.

Which brands got the Sex PR bump? Who tried to hitch a ride via commentary and tie-ins? According to Reuters, eight companies cut promotional deals, with New Line Cinema calling it the “Super Bowl for women”.

Here’s a survey of the blogs and press releases:

New York’s TheCut blog has a round-up of “Sad, Bizarre” promotions including lookalike dresses, and VideoJug (no, not porn) how-to videos on kissing and dating

Skyy Vodka got together officially with Houlihan’s to offer Sex cocktails. Some papers actually wrote about it

Searches of ‘Sex and the City’ and Jimmy Choo turned up 211 hits; Manolo 1,466 hits; Timmy Woods, 29; Mercedes, 180

According to press releases, ‘Sex’ bumped Fandango and MovieTickets.com, while beauty sites, sexologists, and even a brewery tried to get some