Whoriskey to National Technology

From the Washington Post’s internal announcement, obtained by FishbowlDC (note: There are some rumors that the paper will not replace Whoriskey in Miami…):

    We are pleased to announce that Peter Whoriskey will be our new National Technology reporter. Peter is finishing his tour in Miami where he ably juggled a number of big news stories, including the death of Sean Taylor, the Jena 6, the Duke rape case and the aftermath of Katrina. Before his Miami stint, he reported from Fairfax, where he wrote several original, provocative and high impact stories. We expect Peter to bring the same intelligence and fresh thinking to technology that he brought to regional development issues.

    Peter’s unusual background makes him particularly well suited to this job. He graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in math and wrote software for four years. He also attended business school at Georgetown University for a year, before deciding on a reporting career. He spent two years at The Palm Beach Post and a decade at the Miami Herald before joining the Post. Peter will start March 1, although he and his wife Tina and their three sons will not move back until this summer, after the school year is over.