Who Is Greg Lindsay, Jeopardy Champion.

And we have a new champion

With a final answer of “Galileo,” Greg Lindsay completed an unlikely comeback and added yet another line to his ever-growing resume: Jeopardy champion.

Surrounded by friends and family — including wife Sophie Donelson, lead cheerleader Will Leitch, Lockhart Steele, Dan Shanoff and mediabistro.com’s own Laurel Touby (who bought drinks) — at Barrow St. Alehouse in the West Village, the real life Lindsay looked nervous to watch his TV self perform. He said he prepared to face Alex Trebek by talking with former champions he knew, although he admitted he never “got the buzzer cadence down,” and by playing along to the J! Archive. “But really, you can’t study,” he added, giving hope to everyone with aspirations for quiz show greatness.

At the bar, when asked if he had fun on the show, he responded “um… yeah,” leaving the assembled cast to wonder what exactly the proper protocol was in the case of a third-place finish.

But it got better.

Lindsay started out slowly but found his stride in the middle of the first round during the “Major League Baseball” category, and he was only $1,000 behind entering Double Jeopardy.

As the second round started, he quickly fell behind again, down a seemingly insurmountable $15,000 with two questions remaining. After he answered the penultimate question correctly (“stocks”), however, he knew the second last Daily Double was his. “They told us to play strategically,” Lindsay said. “With about five or six questions left, I realized the Daily Double was still out there, and I knew I could get within striking distance of her [one-day champion Kelly, who was roundly booed at Barrow St.].” Oh, the drama.

During the taping, before he saw the Daily Double question, the show’s officials had to ensure that the scores were correct, causing a stoppage of at least five minutes. “Basically, they gave me enough time to freak out,” Lindsay explained.

After finally getting the question, “I just hung there in the wind” before remembering the answer (“House of Burgesses”). Then why did it look so quick during the broadcast? The Fast Company contributing editor told FishbowlNY the time preceding his answer was cut down during editing.

Down only $7,000 entering Final Jeopardy, TV Lindsay’s confident look after writing down his answer drew cheers around Barrow St. while Kelly’s confusion was also enjoyed. He nailed the answer, she didn’t. Real life Lindsay raised his arms in triumph and accepted high fives and hugs. We know who’s buying drinks tomorrow night.

The happy champion