‘Who Designed Your Monkey Mask?” Academy Awards Prepare for a Banksy Oscar Win


The other day when we were talking about the possible Oscar-campaigning-in-the-form-of-street-art that has popped up in Los Angeles, in one way or another promoting Banksy‘s nominated documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, the most obvious question about the whole thing never even dawned on us: what if he actually wins an Academy Award? Given the illusive, mysterious nature of the artist (or artists, if you believe Banksy is perhaps a collective of street artists, as that’s the theory we’ve been believing lately), it seems like either a) he wouldn’t show up, b) he’d show up wearing a mask, or c) he’d show up wearing a mask and pull a stunt. While we can’t imagine the latter two happening, fortunately, TheWrap.com had the foresight to get in touch with the Academy and learned that they’ve been planning for just such an occasion. Saying they’d thought long and hard about it, they apparently have all agreed that “it would not be dignified for the Academy to have somebody come up wearing a monkey’s head.” Instead, they’ve discussed the matter with the film’s producer, who shares the nomination with Banksy, Jamie D’Cruz, and he has promised that, should Exit win, he will accept the award by himself. However, we wouldn’t discount that possibility that D’Cruz will come on stage with a hooded figure — that person slowly removes his mask and…it’s James Franco. Sorry to ruin your hilarious bit so early, Bruce Villanch.