Who Cares About Instagram? Android has Picplz

I have to admit, I have been envious of all those iPhone users sharing pictures with Instagram. Besides being “the current cool app,” Instagram makes it really easy to share pictures on social networking sites. I have found a cure for my Instagram envy, picplz.

From what I can tell, picplz is every bit as good as Instragram, and has one big advantage in that it is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. I started off by creating an account on picplz.com and linking it to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Next, I installed the picplz app on my Nexus S, entered my account information, and took some test pictures.

To take a picture, start the picplz app and tap the camera button. After you take the picture there are two steps to sharing it, first the app provides a list of your possible locations. You can elect to skip this step, in which case picplz simply indicates the city in which you took the picture. The next step is to enter a caption to go with the picture and select one of ten different effects that can be applied to the picture. Each effect is instantly applied so you can see how the resulting picture will look.

I took a couple of pictures in my home office to test out picplz (boring I know). With the first one I did not select an effect and you can see the tweet here that shares the picture. With the next picture I tried the 70’s effect, and you can see the result on Twitter.

Another way to use picplz is to share pictures already stored on your computer, which you can do from the picplz web site. Just click Upload Photo + Apply Filter. Here is a picture I took of the Mackinaw bridge at sunset, with the Enhanced Definition filter applied.

If you like taking and sharing pictures, check out picplz, I think you will find to be a fun app.