Radar Online Scoops Up Whitey Bulger Prison Letter

At the Plymouth County House of Corrections in Plymouth, MA, Whitey Bulger is known as Inmate #1428AZ. A designation that also appears on the envelope of a letter sent out from prison and shared today by Radar Online.

The most intriguing portion of Bulger’s missive to an unnamed pal on the outside is the idea that this guy can still be shocked. The convicted Boston mob kingpin, who will be sentenced in November, writes that he had no idea until his trial about a certain double-double-cross aspect of the FBI informants he once relied on:

“These two [informants] were clever guys,” Bulger admitted. “Unknown to me, they faked a file to cover themselves in case (they were) seen in my company or loose lips on the phone that may compromise them.”

He said the files also got the crooked agents “bonuses, prestige and career enhancement.”

“Never aware until I get here [arrested after a 16-year manhunt] and my lawyer gets the info on discovery,” he wrote. “Shock to me.”

It’s a toss-up at this point whether The Departed will be followed by a Ben AffleckMatt Damon project, a movie based on Bulger’s possible, eventual autobiography or something else altogether. But it’s going to be tough for anyone to measure up to Jack Nicholson‘s great performance.