White House Pool Reporter Discovers One Letter Can Make All the Difference


The Boston Globe‘s Matt Viser got a lesson in the importance of one letter on Sunday as he released a White House Pool Report, two lines of which read as follows:

“At 12:57pm, exactly an hour after we arrived, the motorcade is moving. No word yet on the results of Sasha Obama’s game, and no sighting of POTUS. The game was played at the Jane E. Lawton Community Recreation Center in Chevy Chase, Md. That’s where Sasha’s precious games have been held.”

At first blush, one might think Viser was being sarcastic, which is what we thought when we first read it. Like oh, right, Sasha Obama‘s precious basketball games. But Viser’s not that cold.

In the next report he issued a correction. Pool Report #3 from Sunday read as follows:

“Also a correction to the previous report: The community center was where Sasha’s ‘previous’ games were held. Not her ‘precious’ games. One letter can change the meaning entirely, and your pooler realizes competitive ball is often anything but ‘precious.'”

Moral of the story: Don’t confuse your v’s and c’s.

Update: Viser explained that he had been working on an iPhone, which unfortunately auto-corrected his words. “The trials of reporting on an iPhone,” he told FishbowlDC. We feel his pain. He continued, “Should have added, with your line about confusing c’s and v’s, that ‘If you call me Matt Ciser, I’ll understand.'”