WhisperCore Deals With Android Smudge Attacks & More

One of Android’s early draws was its gesture lock feature. This let you assign a gesture within a grid on the screen to unlock your phone. Unfortunately, as you can see in the photo of my Droid, it is reasonably easy to guess what the gesture is based on finger oil smudges left on the screen. I gave up using gesture unlocking because I found the process too slow and error prone. However, using a PIN use leaves its own finger oil smudge clues on the numeric keypad matrix.

WhisperSystems’ WhisperCore addresses this “smudge attack” problem by using a different gesture approach that has the person using it essentially smudge out the clues before the Android phone is accessible.

WhisperSystems Beta – Screenlock

The free beta release version of WhisperCore provides a full encryption system as well as the anti-smudge gesture lock. It also provides a software firewall that can monitor when apps “call home.”


WhisperCore works with the Nexus One and Nexus S Android phones. And, please take note of WhisperSystems’ advisory before using WhisperCore: Please be aware that this is early beta software. Do not use this in situations where security or stability are critical.