Which Agencies Had the Best First Tweets?

Game. Over.

To celebrate its eighth birthday today, Twitter introduced a “discover” service that allows you to rewind and check out the first tweets (or, as The New York Times still calls them, “Twitter posts”) shared by existing accounts.

We decided to review some firsties by top tweeters to see how the service has changed over the past eight years, because no other blog on earth thought of that angle.

Here are some of your favorite news orgs*:

Your favorite tech companies:

Your favorite public figures:

OK then. Now what about your favorite agencies?

Nothing too unpredictable here; just sharing news and research as we do. Apologies to all we left out as we’re on a deadline.

Now, in the interest of full transparency, here are the PRNewser staff’s first tweets:

Late adopters all.

The point is that we’ve progressed since 2008 and that Twitter has become more valuable as we’ve all figured out how to use it, for better or worse. Like all tools, it has evolved over time and will continue to do so.

Now how, exactly, have our Twitter strategies changed over the past eight years?

*Disclaimer: many may not actually consider these “favorites” to be favorites. Sorry to all we’ve offended.