When Will the Lil Wayne Backlash Begin?

lil_wayne_2_500.jpgLil Wayne, the ludicrously productive “Best Rapper Alive,” is everywhere. Yesterday, we pointed out an interview with ESPN The Magazine. Today, he gets name checked in the lede of a New York Times article about the increase in visible tattoos:

Who in the world gets a neck tattoo? A couple of years back you could have narrowed the answer to gang members, prison inmates, members of the Russian mob and the rapper Lil Wayne

(Left out, of course, is the fact that the majority of the people reading the article had no idea who former Cash Money rapper was a couple years ago.)

But when will the media love affair stop? His ex-wife is reportedly writing a book and is “inviting users to suggest suitable subject matter.” Maybe this is the beginning of the end?

Update: Well, now he has his own ESPN.com blog.