When is the Best Time to Tweet? Timely will Tell You

It might seem like the only things that affect the amount you get retweeted are your follower count and what you’re tweeting – but the timing of your tweets is just as important. You might notice that when you tweet at certain times of the day you get more retweets than when you tweet at others, and you’re not alone. Finding the best time to tweet is crucial to reaching the most engaged audience on Twitter – and Timely, a new app from Flowtown, will help you find that time-of-day sweet spot. For free.

Timely analyzes your past 199 tweets to determine when you got the most retweets – and when you got the least. It then uses this data to let you know the time of day that you’re likely to get the most engagement out of your followers.

You can use Timely in a number of ways. First, it gives you a glimpse of your best 4 time slots if you simply enter your Twitter username. These four times are determined by the number of retweets you got at every hour of the day. This is valuable information if you’re just starting out with Twitter and looking for some guidance. But Timely goes much further.

You can use Timely to schedule up to three tweets per day that it will tweet out when it thinks you’ll get the most retweets. What’s great about this is it lets you view stats and tests out different times of day to really get at the best time for you to tweet. The statistics that Timely offers up includes native and classic retweets, clicks, and the total reach of each individual tweet.

This is a great tool that does one thing, and does it well. It’s perfect for marketers, businesses, or anyone who wants to get the maximum impact out of each and every tweet.

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