When Does the Media Cross the Line?

Last night I was perusing a number of articles about Facebook when I came upon an interesting article about a few college students and their Facebook photos. Apparently the photos that one girl posted of the Spring Break party could be used as grounds for suspending the students.

The real issue was that the students were participating in underage drinking, something I’m sure their coaches were never engaged in during their college career. The main difference is that when those photos were posted, it showed up in friends’ newsfeeds and suddenly the photos were available to all to see. Somehow those photos made into the Online Rocket which is a college targeted news source.

You can read the article and take a look at the pictures and decide for yourselves. In this case I think the students were held up as an example and are now going to be forced to have significant consequences. Then again you must be careful when posting your photos on Facebook!

The girl that uploaded the photos pleaded with the online news publication to not run the article. They went ahead with it. I wonder if this is justifiable and at what point the media crosses the line. Is it news if a random person gets kicked out of school? Getting kicked out for having photos of yourself doing stupid things on your dorm room door can be incriminating but chances are you won’t end up in the news the next day.

Do you think this publication should have published the photos? Where is the line when it comes to publishing photographs obtained via Facebook?