When Brands and Deities Collide


Industrial Brand Creative, always a great source of terrific essays, has just put up a new one that’s apt to ruffle some feathers. It’s “The Church of Branding” and it’s a comparison of corporate branding and religion. But while it sounds a little like something that would follow a high school discussion that begins, “Do you, you know, think there’s a god or whatever?” because the initial connections are immediately made, IBC goes far beyond and the whole thing leads to a terrific read. Here’s a bit from the intro:

The comparison of brands and religion is not a new idea. In fact, the whole branding discussion may be a tired subject to some. But I’m not convinced there has been a close enough look at the parallels between brand loyalty and religious devotion. Perhaps there has been fear to compare the secular act of building brand allegiance with consumers to the seemingly more sacred topics. After all, Nike or Starbucks can’t save your soul, can they?