When, and When Not To Take Advantage of a Story


As PR pros, we’re always looking to insert our client into the news story or trend of the week.

Sometimes it’s done right and makes sense, for example if you represent a promintent intellectual property lawyer and pitch him to comment on the latest online content lawsuit.

However, there are other times when not only does it not make sense, but it is distasteful.

Well, another agency got in on the act this week, trying to work into the stories around George Carlin’s death. We know the agency, and for the most part, they’ve sent us great pitches. So, we’re not going to “out” them, but we will post the offending pitch, which offered an editor to comment on “media culture” and how it relates to Carlin’s death.

Read on for the full pitch.

Today, we learned of the passing of comedy great George Carlin, an unintentional champion of freedom of speech.

Over the years, the discussion of WHAT CAN BE SAID on TV has raised eyebrows, and court gavels. From “period” to “pregnant,” how are companies talking to their audiences these days and how has it changed since years before.

An editor at is available for commentary on this new media culture, including:

Talk Dirty: Have new forms of advertisement—in reality TV, blogs and beyond—helped increase sales and trust in the company’s products?

Pop Culture: How is today’s media culture, with reality television and blogs, making the line between public and private erode?

Method to Madness: What is the company’s reasoning for addressing its consumers in such an open manner as opposed to 20 years ago?

I look forward to your interest and will follow up soon. Alternatively, you can reach me at xxxx.