What’s Up in My World

What's Up in My World


I’m heading into a crazy time with gallery-related stuff, so I thought I’d update you, fair readers, on what’s going on when I’m not blogging. So here goes:

Eliot Shepard‘s exhibition Slower closes this Saturday, April 30. Artforum on Eliot:

Shepard clearly has an eye for the cinematic, turning the elusive, enigmatic stranger into the stuff of noir fantasy. A hand reaches out the window of a black stretch limo, poised to drop a small, white object onto the Soho street; a haunting face glares wickedly into your eyes for a second too long on a passing subway train. Shepard freezes these meta-narratives in time and lets them simmer, adding another chapter to a half-told story of the city.

With a tip of the hat to Andrew Krucoff, originator of The Gothamist Interview, I am going to be running interviews with the ten winners of the Hey, Hot Shot competition on the gallery’s blog. They are slightly goofy, but fun and (I hope!) interesting. I’m enjoying getting to know these artists, so I figured I should share the love. I’ll be posting a couple of interviews a day, starting today and leading up to the grand finale: the reception for the Hey, Hot Shot Spring Showcase which is next Thursday, May 5, 2005 (05/05/05!) from 6pm-8pm. So, enjoy and we’ll see you all in person next week.

I posted the first interview, with Donald Andrew Agarrat earlier today.

Hot on the heels of that event is our next exhibition, Bicycles Locked to Poles which features color photographs and a book, published by McSweeney’s, of… bicycles locked to poles. The book comes out in June, but we’ll have advance copies, signed by John here at the gallery at the opening and for the duration of the show.

OK! Phew. I am wiped out just typing all that stuff.