What’s the Difference Between Gen Y and Gen Z? (Infographic)

Younger Millennials spend as much time on mobile devices as their older counterparts, but Gen Z spends more time on game consoles and tablets.

Internet and social media use varies across generational boundaries. Marketers and networks realize that capitalising on a core audience at a young age can have a big impact on long term retention and loyalty. A recent report from Refuel Agency examines trends among Gen Z and Gen Y Millennials.

Much like older millennials, Gen Z  survey participants, aged 13 to 15, do nearly everything from their mobile devices. Younger millennials spend more time on game consoles and tablets than their older counterparts; however, both groups use some kind of mobile device approximately 17 hours a day.

Despite some reports that Millennials are the cause of our current security woes, even those as young as 13 seem interested in securing their data. The report found that 68 percent consider privacy to be an important feature of any browser they use and 67 to 70 percent want privacy as a core feature.

When it comes to advertising, Gen Z respondents to the survey paid more attention to online video ads and mobile banner ads than Gen Y respondents. Half of respondents had taken action after seeing an ad, 29 percent researched the product, 26 percent mentioned the product to a friend or family member, and 21 percent bought the product. Trends are similar when it comes to video ads, but slightly more respondents followed a brand on social media as a result of the ad.

To gain more insight into the habits of young millennials in relation to purchasing habits, top brands, or preferred networks, download the report and check out the infographic below for key differences between Gen Y and Z.


Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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