What’s Roland Tweeting?

While the summer movie season is winding down to a close, CNN and TVONE’s Roland Martin has tips for you. He took to Twitter to make sure we all know the proper way to attend a movie. We all know that concessions at the movies often cost obscenely more than the actual ticket itself. Roland might have found a way around that.

In other words, treat your lady like some sort of a drug mule and have her haul in a bunch of candies and heavily salted snacks to avoid paying the high prices! In fact, if you have a problem with the high prices at the movie theater, you have no one to blame but yourself, if you believe Roland. He says, “Sista at the movie theatre complaining that a bottle of water is $4.75, says she can get a whole case for $5. I blame her! Why?” Maybe someone told that sista that sneaking a case of water might cause people to stare.

Roland takes it a step further and says that men need to lay down the law with their ladies when it comes to purse protocol, saying, “Fellas, going to the movies is the one time you should tell your woman what purse is inappropriate. She wants to bring a wallet? Oh no.” Sure, this is a nice way to pinch pennies, but telling your woman what purse to bring? If you enjoy your limbs, this is maybe not the best idea.